How We Convert 50% of Leads into Paying Customers

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Are you sick and tired of leads not showing up for your appointments? Is it exhausting constantly following up with leads and getting no responses? How about all of the practices you see that are doing so well, and you can’t figure out how to make it possible for you? We’re going to help you fix this problem.

In all industries, the biggest issue we see among marketing agencies and businesses is not poor marketing, but poor follow-up. You see, marketing is the first step of a 2-part system. Once we send you a high-volume of leads, then what?

This is the problem we see too often and something that needs to be addressed. In this article, we are going to break down the fundamentals to understand once you have received a lead from your online marketing efforts. Let’s dive in!

What is a Lead?

A lead is someone who you know is interested in purchasing your products. The more information they give you, the more serious they are.

How to Follow Up With a Lead

Here you need to pick up the phone. You need to call them. If they don’t answer shoot them an email and a text. If they do answer shoot them a thank you message over email or text (it’s good to find their preferred style).


This cannot be stressed enough. Most companies go about calling leads within 24 hours. This is not soon enough. It takes leads sometimes months to take the action to enter their information in your form. This is most often an impulsive response. When they do not get a response quickly, their interest will die very fast. A simple callback within two minutes increases the likelihood of a sale by over four times.

Researching the Lead

The average clinic spends more time researching a client, then just calling. They want to know everything about the lead and, more often than, not end up disqualifying the client. You don’t need to research the lead. By the time you have done all of that, they are already talking to another clinic. Just call the leads, the second you get them and you will be fine.

Missed Call

If you don’t get them when they call, then you have to shoot them a text message.

“Hey, I know you applied for your FREE voucher. When would you like to schedule your Consult, Exam, and Report of Findings with the Doctor?”

Ask for the Sale

It is important to focus on solving your customers’ problems and not making a sale. What you have is the solution to their problems. Do not hesitate to be a little pushy and keep asking for the sale until they buy (Salesforce).

Focusing on how you can help the customer has shown to increase leads converting of customers by over 70%.

Come From a Place of Passion

Before speaking with a prospect, tell yourself, “If I don’t close this prospect they will die.”

Your product is the solutions to their problems. It is your job to do whatever it takes to get it in their hands.


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days to follow-up with a lead between the hours of 8:00 am – 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

  • Hi___. This is Bob with _____. I noticed you downloaded our report on _____. I just wanted to call and get you to buy.


  • Hi ___. This is Bob with _____. You indicated you are having challenges with _____. I’ve been considering your situation and I think _______ will help you increase your productivity.

If you don’t get an immediate response on Day 1, or even Day 2, then you need to keep following up. Most clinics shortfall here.

Score Your Leads

It is important to qualify your leads by determining whether they have the buying power with a serious need and interest to buy your product. Sometimes leads need to be nurtured which can then be done through automated email sequences. If you do not hear from them, consider sending a goodbye or break-up email as well to end the relationship.

When a Lead Enters Your Office

Treat your leads like gold. They are in pain and need help. It is yours and your teams’ job to nurture them. Make sure you welcome them when they enter and provide excitement around the solution you offer.

You can help them get well. Show them that you care to do so by telling them you that you will.


Practice these steps and treat them as the blueprint to your lead-generating efforts and you will achieve ultimate success in your marketing efforts. For assistance in building the correct systems for your lead-generation and for converting these leads, contact us here.

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