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When we first developed Bullish, we did so around the core of building our family’s businesses. We set out to craft them into industry-leader in their chosen field and in the process developed the tools and techniques to deliver the same to any business.

Now, we cater masterful trending techniques to established businesses. Your business may be successful and growing, but your marketing isn’t. You need an agency of specialists who are focused on capturing more buzz for your business.

We are a bunch of business-minded creatives focused on delivering more to you. Make the right decision and get started with us today. The only problem you will have, is that you didn’t do so sooner.

some of our capabilities

Brand Design & Strategy

Someone once shared, “The way you dress is the way you will be addressed.” Dress your business correctly.
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Branding is at the core fundamentals of every business. Are you the type of person who doesn’t return to a restaurant if your first experience is a bad one? Have you ever wondered if people treat your business the same way?

What is most often overlookied, is the importance of dressing your brand seamlessly across multiple platforms with a powerful marketing message.

Moreover, if you are looking to expand and grow as you should be, your strategy needs to be clear and defined.

You’ve probably set goals before. As you know, if you don’t have targets to hit, then you’re shooting for nothing. It’s just this asoteric idea, and you will likely land short of it.

Get a clear marketing plan from smart digital creatives who are masters at the techniques to propel your business.

Social Media Management

Where attention flows, energy goes. Take advantage of this gold-mine while it’s available.
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Social media will not always be as amazing as it is now.

Right now, everyone from great-grandmother to child is spending hours each day with their cell phone in their hand.

Your business needs to be actively connecting with your audience on these platforms. Grow your channels all over social media and present your business as a leader in your space.

Manage the people reaching out to you and consistently reach out to more and more people to grow your pipeline of business.

Let’s get started today.

Audience Analytics

Who is your ideal customer? How did you determine that? Don’t lie.
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Increased brand value requires clear and calculated expectations and execution.

We will define your industry, marketplace, business, and the ideal customer so we can speak to them on their level.

Marketing is no longer about just placement and ad spend. Marketing is now defined by concise analytics and understanding of your customer. You must speak to them in the most personal manner or they will get taken up by a business who does.

Search Engine Optimization

We hate waiting in the back of the line and so do your customers. Get to the top of Google.
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Search engine optimization is what will bring you clients on a consistent long-term basis.

When you invest in your business’s SEO, you are investing in the long-term growth of your business. This is what will help you get on the top-pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing and stay there.

We offer a variety of services to do this including on-page and off-page SEO. This is done through targeted-keyword blog writing, guest posting, personal relations and more.

Invest in your businesses long-term growth.

Copywriting & Strategy

Have you ever read a paper that seemed as if the paper just kept talking and talking, but nothing made sense? This is what not to do.
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Just like your chosen business, there are professionals and there are amateurs. We write brilliant pieces of art, so your users enjoy engaging with your business.

We don’t just speak to your customers about your business. We speak to them about the things they are interested in.

Most websites capture users attention at the headline and lose people as you scroll down. At bullish, we capture people at the headline and draw them further to the edge of their seat as they scroll down.

Imagine the difference. This is available for websites, social media, email campaigns and more.


Automate your follow-up campaigns with client leads to keep them on their toes.
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We offer an array of amazing automation including call tracking, recording, and analytics, automation on email and on Facebook messenger.

This is the best way to stay in tune with your new leads while they are hot and to stay connected with those who are warm.

Website Development

Web development is one thing. A carefully crafted website experience for your users at an affordable rate is far different.
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We develop websites that not only look attractive but also are engaging and strategic.

Everything we do is with one goal in mind. Get your business what you are most concerned about.

For this reason, we craft our websites in ways which influence buyer’s decisions, generate buzz and increase your awareness.

Most businesses have websites. Get your hands on a business-building, website machine today.

Email Marketing

Our follow-up game is epic. Do you want to step yours up?
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Email Marketing is an essential follow-up for any business. So many businesses have hundreds and thousands of email addresses just collecting dust.

Let’s set up an automated system that gets sent to every new email address you acquire and a consistent campaign to all the ones you already have.

These emails are for using and there is a lot of client business waiting for you in your mailbox.

Let’s get started.

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